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Yokogawa has designed FAST/TOOLS to enable the most effective transfer of data and knowledge. That is why so many global industrial companies and utilities rely on FAST/TOOLS to deliver high levels of data integration and guaranteed data integrity. FAST/TOOLS is a complete SCADA software environment with the following features:

Learn more about why global companies rely on FAST/TOOLS for their critical infrastructure operations:

  • High performance, 400,000 updates per second throughput
  • High capacity and broad scalability with up to 16 million points per server and 4096 servers per system
  • Truly open architecture with industry-standard best practices applied throughout
  • Platform independence through continuous support of Linux, Unix and Windows
  • Future-proof lifecycle management and simplified upgrades
  • Minimum TCO via our highly simplified deployment and version management
  • Out-of-the-box redundancy with 99.999% availability
  • Provide a powerful HMI with flexibility and capabilities that surpass standard SCADA HMI’s
  • Support mobile devices (Web browser based) with its HTML5 HMI environment
  • Enterprise Automation Solution (EAS) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architecture
  • As a Service (XaaS), cloud and virtualization support

High Performance and High Capacity

With FAST/TOOLS, concerns over live update rates and throughput are things of the past. Even on relatively low-bandwidth satellite networks, FAST/TOOLS processes 400,000 updates per second.

The compact, efficient FAST/TOOLS architecture means that there is never a requirement for separate servers to handle alarming, real-time data, historian or any other SCADA functions.